Whitney & Ephraim | Great Saltair Engagements

June 24, 2018

We’re pretty freaking excited to share this engagement shoot! Prepare to have your hearts and butts explode because it is AMAZE BALLS!

Whitney and Ephraim met randomly one night when Ephraim decided to knock on some random girls’ doors and try to get rid of some cookies. He knocked on Whitney’s apartment door and her roommate answered and let him in. He said that he actually thought her roommate was cute…until he saw Whitney- she was even cuter! Luckily Whitney is a fan of oatmeal raisin cookies because they were the key to winning over her heart- they’ve been together ever since! They are both so fun-loving and cute together, it was hard to get them to stand still (not really, but we’re not complaining!) Their engagements turned out stunningly and we’re so excited to capture their bridals and wedding in the fall!

Moral of the story: “the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach” also applies to woman…and it’s sometimes okay to knock on random people’s doors when you’re trying to meet your future spouse