Maui Vacation

June 1, 2018

This was the trip we were looking forward to for SO LONG- no weddings, no work, just one whole week in paradise all to ourselves….well, almost.

It started out as kind of a joke. Taylor’s sister Jessica, and her now husband Adam, were getting married at the end of April and spending their honeymoon in Maui at Grandma Bagshaw’s timeshare there. This was her last year using the timeshare and neither of us had gone, so we told Jessica that we were just gonna crash their honeymoon…and she actually said okay! So we did what any other loving brother and sister in law would do- book flights and a room for the same week, at the same hotel, AND we rented a jeep that we shared as we all explored the island together (they probably hated us the whole time but we had the time of our lives haha)!

THEN, Taylor and Jessica’s little brother Zach and his friend found cheap flights to Maui the SAME WEEK we were all there, so guess who joined us?? Yep, you got it. Except Zach and his friend stayed with a friend that was living out there for the summer, so we didn’t see much of him. Still, what started out as a honeymoon ended up being basically a Bagshaw family vacation!

We got off the plane and never seen a place so green and luscious! Everywhere you looked there was foliage galore (not to mention, a lot of stray cats and chickens)!  At some points as we were driving along the island, it looked like we had gotten lost in Jurassic Park because of all the plants- we were half expecting to see a T-rex (or even better, Chris Pratt) pop out from around the corner!

We were there for a whole week and did just about everything we possibly could on that little island- we checked out a ton of beaches and went boogie boarding, snorkeling with sea turtles, partied at a luau, drove down the Road to Hana, hiked many mountains and waterfalls, rented mopeds and cruised around town for a day, ate way too much shave ice and fish tacos…it truly was paradise and we were so sad when it came time to leave!

We’re already planning our next trip to Hawaii (but just the two us of this time) next summer and can’t wait!!!

Check out our highlight video to see how much fun our Maui Vacation was!